The Menu

Le steak "Ranch"
La soupe du chalet


The melted cheeses

Stuffed morels

With veal meat


Small pot of snails (6 pces)


Goat cheese salad (2 pces)

Dry meat from Fribourg

Horse meat


Mixed salad

Homemade sauce


Green Salad

Homemade sauce

Chf.   20,00

Chf.   16,00

Chf.   16,00

Chf.   17,00

Chf.   9,50

Chf.   6,00

Raclette of vacherin fribourgeois

Served with horse dry meat, pickles of cucumber and onions

Fondue Cabriolle 250g.

Goat cheese, white wine and garlic

Fondue Moitié-moitiée 200g. / 250g.

50% Vacherin AOC / 50% Gruyère AOC, white wine and garlic

Fondue Vacherin 200g. / 250g.

AOC, water and garlic

Bread hat Fondue, from 2 pax.

Vacherin AOC, white wine and garlic, served inside a bread

Chf.   25,00

Chf.   29,00

Chf.   22,00 / 25,00

Chf.   23,00 / 26,00

Chf.   30,00

Our cheese fondues are served with potatoes, two sorts of bread and can be topped with:


Grand ma's tomato soup
Gruyère cheese, dry meat, whipped cream

Chalet soup

Cream from the swiss pre-alps, Gruyère cheese

Chf.   16,00

Chf.   16,00

tomato sauce

Chf.   2,00

dry mountain flowers and herbs

Chf.   2,00


Chf.   4,00


Chf.   5,00

Bowl of cucumber and onions pickles

Chf.   3,00

Toasted bread covered with the followings: 

Mushroom sauce

Mixed of mushrooms "flambé" with brandy​

Goat cheese

Covered and baked with goat cheese

From Moléson

Mountain ham, egg, onions, tomato, baked with cheese

From the farm

Mountain ham, egg, baked with cheese


Chasse nature

Baked with cheese

Chf.   23,00

Chf.   26,00

Chf.   24,00

Chf.   23,00

Chf.   20,00

The Grill (250g.)

Beef sirloin

Beef Rumsteak


Horse sirloin

Horse steak "ranch"

Coated with a slice of bacon

Chf.   45,00

Chf.   41,00

Chf.   39,00

Chf.   37,00

Those meats are served on a hot stone with:

buttered vegetables

or mixed salad

fried potatoes

or baked potatoes gratin

House specialty

Pot of the Armailli 250g.

Tender piece of beef on a hot pan, fried potatoes and vegetables​

                                 Choose one of those butter :

                                                                       herbs butter


                                                                       three peppers butter




Stuffed morels with veal meat

Served with pilaf rice and buttered vegetables​

Warm goat cheese toast

Served with a green salad (4 pces)​

Creamy pasta from chalet

Served with bacon and Gruyère cheese​


Cold Roastbeef with tartare sauce

Served with a mixed salad and fried potatoes

Beef tartare 150g. / 200g.

Served with toasted bread and butter


Mountain ham, bacon et sausage

Served hot with buttered vegetables and potatoes baked gratin


Gruyere dry meat plate

Horse dry meat, 3 types of dry sausages, dry and smoked bacon

mountain ham, Gruyère cheese, Vacherin cheese, butter, cucumber and onions pickles.


Pork filet “mignon” from 2 pax

Flambé with brandy in a hot pot with a mushroom sauce. Buttered vegetables and fried potatoes on side.

Sander filet with a lemon sauce

Served with a pilaf rice and buttered vegetables

Chf.   45,00

Chf.   45,00

Chf.   45,00

Chf.   41,00

Chf.  25,00

Chf.   23,00

Chf.   28,00

Chf.   25,00 / 31,00

Chf.   28,00

Chf.   27,00

Chf.   39,00

Chf.   29,00

3 sauces :

     shallots butter

     tomato-brandy sauce

     garlic sauce

Our promise « Homemade » 

We give our best to produce only homemade products. Additionally, the major part of our raw materials comes from local suppliers.

Children menu

Creamy pasta cheese

Served with Gruyère cheese and bacon


Mountain ham and cocktail sauce

Ham served cold with fried potatoes and buttered vegetables


Chicken grilled stick

Served with a cocktail sauce, fried potatoes and buttered vegetables

Chf.   12,00

Chf.   12,00

Chf.   12,00

Allergens and intolerances


No eggs

Lactose free


Gluten free

Meat and fish’s origin






Switzerland, Uruguay

Switzerland, Canada


Switzerland, France, Brazil

Russia, Poland