Bedroom "Bac à Crème"

Smoothness in a sober and restful setting.

This delicious room will melt you in a greedy sleep.

Sleeping in the cream jar is the promise of a dashing awakening!

Bedroom "Bateau"

No need to be a sailor, juste embark aboard the "Boat" room.

Along with the run of the river, it will rock you and take you safely to port until the early morning.

Bedroom "Cheminée"

Do not be fooled, more than real.

Once your eyes closed,

you will hear the crackling of a enchanting breath.

Bedroom "Les Nains"

Lower your head, take a step, you are there.

There is a bed, left there, purposely for you,

to your right size to sleep well and feel the soul of a giant.

Bedroom "Luge"

Slide alone or with two without gloves or boots.

Biquette, guardian of this place, is there and watch over your dreams.

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